LOL whoever made that remark is a complete dolt - sounds like a case of one straight-haired person complimenting someone else with straight hair (and pathetically slamming others to feel better about him/herself).

As for the Natives, they've been pressured to chop down their locks since this country was "founded".
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Having been pulled up and had the Tulsa story linked to, they (caucasian wavy I think) now say
"I meant 'unkempt' from the school's point of view. Obviously the new coach was concerned about the school's squeaky clean image, and I can see how someone like that would be prejudiced against hair that is out of the ordinary.

Of course I'm not saying that afros or dreadlocks are bad choices. But someone who is ignorant about anything other than caucasian hair could easily jump to the wrong conclusions. They might see an afro and think 'unkempt!', or dreadlocks and think 'dirty hippy!'. I'm very glad the school has reconsidered
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