well... i don't know if any of you on the other side of Lake Erie got any of that mess last night, i do know that peeps in Michigan sure did, but we got hit by a MASSIVE thunderstorm last night that went on for HOURS!

it started about 7:30 and kept going until close to 10:00 pm and by the time it was over, they had recorded close to 5,000 lightning strikes here in the city!


it was insane! the sky just kept lighting up, over and over and over again! i was amazed that we didn't lose power downtown, but lots of people in the city did.

the earlier, short, storm that blew through had funnel clouds touching reported all over the city, too.

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We have very bad lightning tonight. I think it's keeping people snug in their beds, which doesn't bother me, but it's rather annoying popping off all our equipment.

Fingers crossed it doesn't hit the antenna outside my window, come through the wall, run under my station in a giant white/blue ball of light, and come out of the telephone at the station beside me. There have been 3 trips to the ER in the past 2 years.

That's better than the old office they had, long before I started. They were in the dome of a very old building, had to sit on their desks because lightning would crawl across the floor, and they were constantly invaded by bats. I'll take the flying ball of light.

ETA: My boss recently invested in yet another piece of equipment to go in our office that is not wired to handle what we have. It's a weather center. That's all it shows. Idk why we couldn't flip to TWC, check NOAA, and a few other sites as usual, but whatever. So far it has not shown the slightest blip of our last 2 bad storms, and it has community names for my county that were used before the 1920's. I pay no attention to it.
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