CG doesn't work for everyone. I gave it a try for YEARS on and off and I just couldn't get it to work for me. I still do a conditioner wash between regular old shampoos and I do like products that rinse out clean but I don't drive myself crazy over it anymore. You can modify it any way you like or just discard it altogether - do whatever works for you. I think lots of people on this board have tried thousands of combinations of every suggestion ever talked about! Myself included! LOL!
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Very true. In my first 6 months here I grabbed products that were recommended, used them, and then discovered the formulation had changed and cones had been added, a few times. You still have to look at the labels. I was trying my hardest to follow by the book, kept having mishaps, the top of my head was trying to fly away, and I relaxed and laid the cones to it. No biggie. It's not like I hadn't had to shampoo before. I CW or LP most of the time but when it is needed I will use cones. I try to find something of the more water soluble variety or something that only one cone on the list, and I call the shampoo a good clarifying treatment. The simple fact is my hair needs it from time to time, and my DT or PT works better after a shampoo. My hair is in good shape, and that's really all that matters.

PS- I honestly don't worry about some fly aways in the canopy unless they have serious lift off. It's natural, and I think it's rather pretty to have a halo. And ime that looks much better on me than my hair looking too weighed down or wet from product.
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