Oh, how I love my FSG! It's just 400 ml water to 4 tbsp flaxseeds and 1/2 tsp honey added and generally speaking this works miracles for my hair. I still have not come to making big batches, so I planned ahead and made a fresh batch just last Wednesday evening since I needed a good hair day today for a cremation. I think it's very respectful to look neat on such an occasion.

So this morning I went through my more elaborate routine, wetting my hair in the shower, using a conditioner and all. But when the time came to apply FSG and I put a glob on my hand, I noticed the smell. I noticed the flecks. It had gone bad whereas they were brand new flaxseeds and it came right out of the fridge where it has been since I made it last Wednesday. This has never occurred before; my FSG normally lasts well over a week, and even two weeks are no problem if properly refrigerated.

I'm disappointed and while I will continue making and using FSG, I really do want to have another styling product at hand when something like this happens again, even if I do freeze the bigger batches in the future.

I've stumbled upon the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel thread, and it sounds very promising. I suspect this product will be available in the Netherlands at a reasonable price so I'm curious to hear whether it meets my expectations of a styling product and if not, what else I should definitely consider.

A styling product should:
- Provide some definition
- And a little hold
- Frizz is not an issue for me
- Polyquats and cones are
- It should be light (my hair gets weighed down easily)
- It should not need layering

Any thoughts on the GF gel or other recommendations are welcome!
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