I'm literally shaking and crying, I don't know what to do, no body is supporting or helping me with my decision to go natural for my hair. I recently decided to stop pressing my hair with the damaging hot comb. My hair has been ruined for a loooooong time, and pressing it just turned out to be the icing on the cake for me. My hair was at least at chin length, but now it barely even goes (or grows) past the tip of my ears. That's a reaaaaaaaly short hair cut. A pixie cut some might say, with half curly/knotted/dry/brittle hair mixed with straight/thin/striving pieces hold on for dear life. This has probably been my 8Th time trying to go natural, but when I look in the mirror, I just see and ugly little boy (but I'm a girl, so what's wrong with this picture here?) I didn't get hired to any jobs (maybe my lack of luscious hair threw them off)_ so I will almost never have any money to buy any products, not to mention any home made stuff because there's almost always never any food in this house. I just really, honestly, need advice and support please. Maybe some money saving or cheap products that would work well on my hair (I could probably skip lunch and just save to buy something for my hair), and please some helpful tips, maybe on how I could style this short pixie damaged split ends into looking at least half decent, I hear the talk going around in school and it makes me very self conscious. Just please someone, anyone? Thank you so much for whoever took the time out of their day, lunch, night, into reading my sob story. If theirs really no hope for me then I guess I'll just turn towards pressing and hot combing my hair again until I graduate in June :S. Thank so, so much again. Please have a great day, God Bless