Been checking in for a few weeks after finding the site via Pinterest.

Basically, I've been in a love/hate relationship with my my 3b/3c hair all my life. My daughter told me about CG method and no-poo a couple years ago. I thought it was typical college-girl weirdness. Wrong-o!

Didn't know it when I started, but I've been pineappling at night for a long time. It's the only way I can comfortably sleep with my cpap mask, what with all this hair! My hairdresser said "Oh no! Don't do that! It's not good for your hair." She has maybe 2a hair, so what does she know? It's dry when I go to bed, and have not had any problems with it.

Since I have college-aged kids, I guess that makes my hair "mature". I'm not, but my hair is. :-)
3b/3c, high porosity, fine strands but lots of em!

APL/BSL when dry (bangs are to chin), but WL when wet.

Pineapple and satin pillowcase at night.

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