30 years ago and has owned a wig shop ever since, does NOT mean she knows what works for naturally curly hair these days. She *has* naturally curly hair, for crying out loud! BUT she wears a wig. All the time.

The first and worst thing she did to my hair was big chunky foils. I knew nothing about what she was doing. I told her I wanted highlights. She did the big chunky foils, and teased it up so I looked like I had square hair. It was '89, but my hair looked every bit of '64.

The reason I said first was because she's family and I didn't have to pay for the cuts. Took me almost 20 years to realize that it's not really free, just because I didn't have to pay for it. Won't even go into the mid-cut lectures I've gotten when I couldn't get away. :-O
3b/3c, high porosity, fine strands but lots of em!

APL/BSL when dry (bangs are to chin), but WL when wet.

Pineapple and satin pillowcase at night.