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I find this so interesting. According to the chart from NYT I'm in a much higher class than I ever expected or feel like I am.

I guess when I think of class I think more socially. The three indicators they use; Education, Income and Wealth, to me, are based on choices.

I grew up poor, I got a college degree because my mother had such a hard time finding a job after my father passed away in the 80's because she didn't have one. "Do what makes you happy in life, but get that piece of paper first" she would say.

I make a good salary because I chose a good job, however I work for every dollar. Working in a Utility company means 24/7 operations. I work long days, I have to be on call so many weeks per year and if there's a storm or some other natural disaster then I'm on 16hr shifts until everything is repaired. Actually when the weather is bad, that's when we're the most needed. I've been outside doing my job in the blazing heat, freezing cold, blizzards, hurricanes...you name it.

On paper I look like a high class lady, but no one will be inviting me to any black tie galas anytime soon. I'm just too blue collar for that.
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I agree that people have to take some responsibility. You can't take on a huge debt that you can not afford and then cry, "I shouldn't have to pay it back!!" At the same time institutions have to do the same. You shouldn't set people up for failure when it hurts us all. That's assuming the world is perfect, and most people are good, which isn't true. The video made me think of this article I came across several months ago. I found the comments more interesting than anything else.


I also kept the student loan discussions in mind while reading...

I am also not one who looks at other "systems" with rose colored glasses on. I want to see more jobs brought back. I have watched my salary increase be marked out for things like a recreation center for the wealthy seasonal home owners. I have watched several jobs be taken away. I am watching the disappearing act of invention and innovation. It's disheartening.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??