... many in my generation had a very hard time getting a CC because we had no credit. Not bad, just none. Most were rejected several times.
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this was me when i first moved here to London. at the time, i REALLY wanted to buy a little house in the same neighbourhood i live in now. it was only $88,000 for a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath renovated house.

but i had NO credit! i had given up all my credit cards almost 20 years earlier after the psycho ex ran them all up - i still wonder why the idiots who let him do that didn't notice he was signing his name, not even trying to forge mine. the companies had to write off a lot of the debt after letters from my lawyer and i paid the rest off and cancelled the cards.

when my mortgage broker explained i couldn't get a mortgage without establishing credit, i went and got a secured card and used it wisely for the next 2.5 years.

and i got a better house in the same neighbourhood. (good thing i didn't get the other one, it's right next to one set of train tracks and has NO basement - ergo, electric heat $$$ and no central air!)

this week, i renewed my mortgage at a MUCH lower rate with a new provider, and they are giving me a new credit card at a MUCH lower interest rate (i didn't want a rewards card) and a line of credit.

according to that chart, i am solidly upper-middle and top-5th in class.

i never would have guessed.


time for fun with the reciprocating saw again today - the evil shrubs out front need hacking back again!


i'm having dinner with Mr. Gorgeous tonight.

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That was a huge common (and a blessing in our younger ages. 18 y.o me didn't need a credit card) and I still know many who do not have one. They don't want it.

I'm sorry your ex did that to you. It's unfortunately another common story. I watched friends get their cars repossessed after breaking up with crazy ex. 7 year set back... It can really hurt. At least things are going better for you now!

And weeeee I hope you have fun at your dinner tonight!
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