Attaching photos of drying hair just to sort of show how it currently looks. Just rinsed it well, used some conditioner to detangle, rinsed it all out apart from a touch on my dryer ends, added some gel, scrunched, plopped and then just clipped it up like this to be able to cook without getting my hair in my food. It is still quite damp and it seems like the weight stretches out the curls (much more "springy" ones earlier)

The plopp seemed to have stretched my lower layers, so no curls there, but last time I got the curls I have here in my bottom layers too. Just need to figure out how to get them all over and more evenly...

The ends felt a touch better, but it's clear that they are dryer, so yes, any advice greatly apprieciated.

I'm in Sweden, but sometimes in Spain, so yes, in Europe. Both of these products sounds like something I could get here around. How should I do with it? How long leaving things in? I've read I should use heat to open up the hair... Should I have the same amount all over my hair or mainly focus on the colour damaged ends? I've been used Head & Shoulders Schampoo once a week since forever, should I use it to try to repair the rest of my hair too?

Is it something that should be done regularly? Same thing with acid rinse, how do I know how often I need to do it? After periods of hard water? Sorry for the thousand questions, I know that it is to some extent everything is about knowing your hair but as I feel like I know absoutly nothing it all feels a bit confusing...

Thank you so much for your answer.
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