"I have been told that I don't need to wash daily, and that I could probably go 5 days without washing it. How is this possible? I have knots and tangles after the first day"
I just really started the curly girl method the right way yesterday(washed with a sulfate free shampoo) but I've been reading about it for at least a cpl. of weeks. Before that I was just rinsing my hair and conditioning it except for on Friday where I would do a deep conditioning with coconut oil then wash it afterwards.
I bought the "Curly Girl Handbook" and it's helped explain a lot plus the forums and wikiHow - How to do anything has some good article on the curly girl method. I'm still confused some (haven't finished the book all the way yet) but I'm slowly getting it!
Ideally I believe you are only supposed to "wash" your hair with conditioner and messaging your scalp with a thinner conditioner and then condition it with a thicker one.
Is that right? Please someone more experienced chime in on this one!