Thanks for responding, sorry for the long delay, I got caught up in school and such. Busy college student...

I just doubled checked my conditioner. Turns out it does have a cone, 6th ingredient. I must have missed it previously. I only use olive oil on my tips to keep them from drying out in the winter. My hair likes protein, hence the reason I was using Aussies 3 min deep conditioning as my conditioner. If I ever used non-protein products, I would have over conditioned hair, and Aussie gave me the right amount so I did not have too much protein. And there is no glycerin in my products (all Jessie Curl)

I do not use thermal heat, on the rare occasion I will diffuse with cold air. I did attempt to dye my hair a few months back with a drugstore dye (Tresseme naturals I believe), but I accidently did not let the dye sit long enough to really change my hair color.

I shampooed at home whenever I felt build up, after that I used an ACV rinse weekly (or when I remembered).

I could try a clarifying or chelating shampoo since I just noticed that my conditioner has a cone and in case I do have some build up. Same to a new conditioner, as I am about out. Any recommendations please? Preferably drugstore.

Also, could I keep using a clarifying shampoo as my regular shampoo if I cut back from co-washing? Or should I find something sulfate free?