Just curious in what way co-washing didn't work for you. You have every right to wash your hair however you feel works best for you, but wondered.
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Straight co-washing on a regular basis doesn't work for me - I don't feel that it cleans my scalp that well and the roots/top of my head tends to get lank and feel greasy. I occasionally will co-wash or just condition, but I have better luck with cleansing conditioners or designated co-wash products (like Curl Junkie Daily Fix or Eden Bodyworks co-wash, though the As I Am didn't work for me) than using regular conditioner.

And oddly, I find that using conditioner (like a Suave or a V05) leaves my hair more tangled and messed up than using a shampoo - perhaps it's cause co-washing requires more manipulation for me?

So all in all, co-washing on a regular basis is a no-go for me but occasionally I work it into my routine alternating with low-poos (and even the occasional clarifying sulfate poo, *gasp*)