What? I some how got from this...

(i agree, for the most part but see most bank employees going before cab drivers)

to "Is Hummus Conquering America?" Hehe. There were more important questions/discussions about how FB/YT & Twitter are making people more angry/cruel in between. I like that topic. It is true that people display behaviors on line which are no where near acceptable in the day to day. :0
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Oh, and I watched another 20 min debate on this last night and it was pretty neat. They were talking about the dangers of people thinking they can multi task thanks to all the different devices you use now. You may be Tweeting, while on face book, while texting, while googling, while watching split screen tv. This is giving people the impression that they can do so many things at once, when in all honesty you can not. People can multi task, but only to some extent. When you start throwing so many things into the mix, people don't bother to dig further, double check, really learn or become informed, do anything to a thorough extent. It's actually decreasing brain function, and as a result you mind changes. You start over reacting to trivial things, and under reacting to the important. I found that particularly interesting because this is a side effect of the stress and burn out on my job. I might be instructing CPR, while giving directions to house fire, while sending police to a domestic, while taking a call on a stabbing, etc... Dispatchers who have been doing the job for so long end up losing it and completely freaking out about nothing, while ignoring the important. This is a researched fact. Makes sense.

ETA: and it also makes me wonder about the research that has been done on stress/depression levels staring to climb with my generation and double with the next, etc... When in all reality, we (and that's a general/based on historic events) have had it a bit easier than past generations. No one has been able to figure out why.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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