I really wish there would be a forum called Gray Is A Part of Life. I also feel that those who think there is nothing to discuss regarding gray hair other than dye will one day "really need" a Gray forum. No disrespect intended. I don't feel it is a "support group" either. I have to admit, that annoyed me. Two years ago I would have passed out at the thought of not coloring my hair anymore. Now things have changed. I think the Over 40 forum should remain as it is. If we can have three forums about Porosity, surely we can have a forum about Gray.
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Wow, I didn't mean for the term "support group" to annoy, offend or upset anyone. I think of this site as a support group for people with curly hair and sharing issues and solutions for the problems and bonuses associated with having curly hair. When a bunch of people get together to help each other out and give advice, I guess that's what I thought a support group did?

That would be a great title for the forum though, "Gray is a Part of Life", it's been a part of mine for half of it, lol.

However, I don't wish it upon anyone that doesn't understand the need for such a forum that "they will one day "really need" a Gray forum". It sounds like I wouldn't be welcome there anyways because I'm not ready to go grey yet. Sorry Myrna, but that's the vibe I'm getting.
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Dear sheilacurl,
I am sorry I felt annoyed -- maybe I do need a support group! lol...that would be one good section in a gray forum. You're right also when you say that a bunch of people getting together and giving advice is a support group. To be honest, I think I was just feeling grouchy yesterday, and when I read what you wrote, I misinterpreted it. What I said about really needing a gray forum, I meant there's more to it than just dye, which is what I think Myrna was trying to say. Oh my, I'm positive no one here wishes gray hair on anyone (unless the person wants to be gray). In fact, I hope they find a reversal pill for gray because I love love love hair color. It's just not practical for me anymore. Friends?
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