Hi guys,

Well, after my initial thoughts of being unsure if this method is for me or not I'm more and more convinced everyday that it IS for me. My hair seems to be coping very well. It's quite shiny, getting softer, less frizzy.

I'm just wondering if people can explain their routine for me? I'm currently co-washing every day. I feel like my hair needs the conditioning but I don't understand the process, do you have to co wash everyday? Can you condition without co washing? I just don't quite understand the process and when and where the steps fall into place. I'm not sure when to do my protein treatment or my deep conditioner treatment, or how often to do those, or whether I should just be conditioning daily instead of co washing every day, so it would be really helpful to hear others routines so I've gt a starting point and understand the whole co washing process.

Many thanks