Good luck, cympreni!!!!

Perri, my Mom has been doing this, not sure if it'll help you, but she says its amazing and better then the inserts were.
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Gah, that is annoying AND unprofessional. Perri, someone on the board posted about these a while back -- have you tried them? Apologies if you are the one who posted.
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oh, the taping my dr did was like MAGIC, so the thought that I can do it myself REALLY makes me happy - thank you!!
I'll ask my dr about the other heel thingies when I go back to her in 2 weeks - she was a big proponent of using OTC and not custom-made etc, so she'll tell me if it'll waste my money!

thanks, guys!

the appointment was uneventful, really - I got a lecture on how my 'sensible flats' (by Clarks) were not sensible enough and I needed shoes that come further up my foot and perhaps have laces or a strap across them - perhaps I wanted to try SAS brand (if any of you are familiar, I made faces at the lady) - and that I should probably have a new pair of shoes for when the inserts arrive in 1-2 weeks. She looked at my feet and touched them, I was out in less than 10 minutes. so now i'm on a hunt for shoes that are not hideous LOL
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