Thank you again for all the help!

Basicly, I have super-super dry skin and tend to react to all sort of stuff. When I was around 12 my mum decided I had to wash my hair at least twice a week, preferably 3, and at the same time I started to get white flaky stuff from my scalp. So, then I "had" to use H&S and have really just kept on since then. I have now realised that it probably just contributed to the issue, as I got red areas all over my face after washing my hair with it, which took about 24 hours to go away, and as I cannot use regular soap on my body without it getting flaky and itchy, I should probably not use regular schampoo there either, and definitly not H&S. The reason I mentioned H&S was that I've realsed that it is pretty harsh on the hair...

I don't have the medical fungus-dandruff issues, I know how the look. I do have a "medical" schampoo which is sulfate free and silicone free that should work in case I would need it, but so far I have really no flaky stuff on my scalp, which never happened before. Which really just makes me believe that what I need is to stop drying my scalp out...

So, I have now gone a week since my last conditioner-wash and I have no flaky stuff that I can scrape from my scalp at all...Which seems close to a miracle for me...

I don't have any leave-in conditioner. I was adviced somewhere else to start with as few products as possible to get a feel for what my hair liked, plus as my hair still looks more like a 2 than 3 I thought leave in might be too heavy for it? Would just not rinsing out all of my heavier condition be good enough to start with?

And, I will see if I can find one of those products and try it. Thank you so much for all the help. Really really appreciate it.
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There are many different scalp complaints, and mild moderate and severe forms which can look quite different, even have different symptoms in different people. If you do not have seborrhoeic dermatitis (greasy dandruff, caused by a yeast) you do not need a medicated shampoo at all, in fact that can worsen other scalp complaints. If it returns please get a formal diagnosis rather than blindly amateur treating.

Many of us use our rinse out conditioner as a leave in conditioner. How much you need depends on your hair, I am porous so needs loads of leave in conditioner.
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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