I feel kind of stupid, but ice searched for the Suave naturals conditioners in stores in my area, and haven't been able to find any. I've checked here on the forum and apparently other canadians can find them easily? Can any of you suggest a store you've bought them at recently end where in the store they were found? For instance, were they just next to the dove and all those other shampoos and conditioners? Sorry for such a dumb question, but I'd appreciate the help.
3a, dense, fairly coarse, normal porosity and elasticity, just below shoulder
Low poo: Giovanni 50 50
Co-wash: aia, suave coconut, salon care
R O: Tresume Naturals, gvpcb
L I: KCKT, gvpcb
Stylers: cjpp, re : coil, kccc, brhg
Oils: coconut, argan
Experimenting with: curls rock amplifier, pantene mousse