I am an accessory junkie, love headbands and especially ones with cat ears or mouse ears because apparently I will never grow up and no one can make me. However, I use Claires.com or Icing.com, they have an amazing clearance section and if you sign up for the shoprunner service you get 2 day free shipping. Icing.com is more older or more adult looking hair clips and things where Claires.com is more younger looking things. They aren't completely juvenile like grade school, but it is more colorful things. Go have a look definitely. I buy a lot of headbands from there and if you have a Rue 21 etc store close by they have some gorgeous hair accessories. Claires has these really cute butterfly hairclips that I am really wanting, and these things are cheap too. My headbands range from like 4-8 bucks and they are good quality made. Amazon.com has some good things too, you just have to dig around for them on there. They have some gorgeous peacock hair clips, I am a sucker for peacocks. I love the bright colors and the feathers, they are just beautiful creatures.
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