Frankcesca You are seeking absolutes or assurances that cannot be given. Most claims are worded very carefully, they don't claim actual UV protection in SPF terms. Some products are only for use afterwards and we all know you cannot permanently repair dead hair.

Shea has a very low SPF of 2 or 4 or suchlike, antioxidants can help reduce one aspect of UV damage in living skin but are not deemed to have an SPF. Antioxidants would have to be applied frequently anyway because hey get 'used up' or broken down, as do all chemical sunscreen agents.

I don't see how you would apply enough of any product to get really worthwhile benefits without having hair glued to your head. IMO there is no substitute for covering the hair with a close weave hat or UV Buff, sorry.
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Hi Firefox, I hear you loud and clear on SPF (as well as exaggerated/unproven/misleading claims about it), which didn't come through in my last post when I brought up my doubts about each of the claims I parroted!

I am now covering and protective styling as often as possible when I'm out in the sunlight, and I understand that abstention (as it were) is the only way to avoid damage completely.

Still one question: Is there any way to preserve curls when they're sheltering under a Buff? I'm guessing there isn't.
2c, med-coarse, dense, high-med elasticity and still working out my porosity. Living in hard-water Germany.

Still learning the HGs. Latest faves:
Washing with KC Come Clean or CJ Daily Fix
Conditioner Deva OneC, Darcy's Pumpkin Seed
Goin' Deep: CJ Curl Rehab
Loving a good prepoo with coconut oil
Styling with CJ CCCC Lite, KCCC, BRHG, and a spray gel (Fructis, JC Gelebration)

Second-third-day savers: Curl Fuel overnight and KCSS in the morning!