I think I may have found the answer to my long-lasting hair woes!
Over the years my big, thick curls have been dropping away, leaving me with some ringlets but mostly wavy/straight hair and I'm absolutely devastated by it.
I've tried cutting it short to remove all the weight from it, have used countless products as an attempt to bring back my curls but nothing has worked. Recently several people have suggested that it could be hormonal and, thinking about it, my hair problems started quite soon after I went on Birth Control about 5 years ago.
My periods leave me feeling faint, I vomit and I can hardly get out of bed so I consider BC to be almost necessary for me to live a happy life but if it is causing my hair problems I would possibly rather suffer the pain once a month because I miss my curls so much.

Has anyone gone off the pill completely and found their curls have returned? I take multivitamins every day.
I have also gained at least 2/3 stone in weight since going on the pill which I have never yet managed to lose.