I am so happy that his week is calm. Last week was madness!!!! BF ended up in the hospital for 3 days. (he's ok now. The wedding is over. We spent a good part of the evening caring for two drunk bridesmaids who passed out. Whew. (but the blackmail pictures are hilarious)

I just took pics of my friend's newborn. I can't wait to edit them!!


doing a little dance!!!! I got it! I got it!!! Last night I received an email welcoming me to the Clevealand Flea. It's more of a curated handmade market. The ones in Cleveland are all very incessious. So getting into one means I will have access to more!! woohoo!!!

I got my first order and party booked from the direct sales company I joined!!!!!

I made a prototype for a new product I'm making for my cousin's bowtie business. He loves it!!!

I treated myself and purchased my first real photography backdrop. I can't wait until it gets here.

I just got a call about creating something for a fundraising event in November

this is a good week. now if only I could catch up with my orders. I am so behind!!!