I'm sorry you didn't get many responses in your previos post. I don't see why transitioning or big chopping has to be limited to us who are tightly coily. I'm black and didn't have a relaxer, just excessive flat iron damage, so when I broke up with my ex* and decided to go back to my natural hair, I cut it all off. I didn't even realize that was "big chopping".

I think it's very and time consuming to where your hair natural when it's damaged and the new growth isn't. It ends up looking really wonky when you style it minimally. You have to either twist/bandu it or, in your case, plop/scrunch it to death. I think it all depends on what your comfortable with. If your ready to spend time keeping up with protein treatments, plopping, using harder hold stylers, your hair certainly could look nice. It doesn't look bad from the pictures. If your going back to your curls for the ease of it, you might want to consider a BC.

I think I have it a lot easier than those with two textures on their head. My hair looks really bad with heat damage though. It's a fluffy hot mess.

*My ex had nothing to do with me wearing my hair straight. I just take my emotions out on my hair. Hey, it grows back !