Damn you Walgreens... at least there was a GREAT sale, 2 bottles of the Sheamoisture Curl and Style Hair Milk, two jars of the Curl enhancing smoothie, two jars of the Raw Shea Butter Conditioner and
3 jars of the As I Am Cleansing Pudding. And they have Tresseme Naturals nourishing moisture conditioner with Aloe Vera and Avocado on sale but have yet to find it in my town! Let's see what my weekend brings me!
Last Perm: August 2007
BC: June 21st 2008,
3C/4A Thick Curly/Kinky texture, low porosity

Pre-Poo - EVOO
Poo- Creme of Nature (Red Label), KCCC
Cowash - HEHH & HENOYF, Aussie Moist
DT- Herbal Essence Hydraliscious Reconditioning Conditioner
Leave in-KCKT, KBBHM (EM)
Moisturizer: OHM Frank Juice, KBBHB (VL)
Oil: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil
Styling: KCCC, QBOHHB.