I would try a different overnight method, bunning often doesn't work well for weaker wave patterns. Can you pineapple the top and wrap a thin silky scarf around the hairline? Otherwise do try 'plopping' into your sleep cap.

You might need to adjust the amount of protein you use with the seasons/ dew points/ humidity, certainly the weather in the UK has changed loads on the last couple of weeks. And adding the Giovanni Smooth as Silk is adding more protein, I certainly don't need more than the Gliss Ultimate Volume supplies and I have colour treated hair. But if your ends still feel as silky wet and dry as they did previously it doesn't particularly sound like an issue with protein build up. You might try Gliss as rinse out and Giovanni as leave in?

The reality is if you have made several changes at once it's very difficult to pick apart the issue, that is why it's recommended to only change one product or one ingredient. I won't lie I don't follow that, but it is wise advice!
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Thanks firefox, I am fairly sure it's not protein build up as on wash day my hair looks/feels fantastic, and just go be sure I actually clarified my ends yesterday. I just thought it would be worth noting my hair's 'protein intake' It's interesting though that the Gliss is all you need, as my hair isn't colour treated, so perhaps I should switch the GVN Smooth as Silk for the 50:50 which I believe is protein free. Defintely something to consider so thank you for bringing that to my attention.

I also really like the idea of pineapple-ing and wrapping my hairline with a silk scarf so I'll give that a try too.

It certainly is wise to just change one thing at a time, I'm just impatient and get far too excited to try things