I already heard all this stuff, just geared toward women, by mainly women, in the 80's. I'm tired. It is, imo, still an urge to reject female sexuality.
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And I do have to separate from her on several issues. I actually agreed with a few statements and that was about it. I still do not find Blurred Lines to be a rape song, and I won't. It's not that I don't know that rapists have said those words (I know you want it) to women, but so have boyfriends/husbands/ in a completely consensual and playful manner with no negative intent. They have also told women that the outfit they are wearing is turing them on/making them think about things, in a completely consensual manner. The song is not cut and dry to me, and I still think it's about 2 different men, and one woman, that know each other. That is all just a matter of opinion anyway. **Which I see she noted. Good deal. I can hardly this thing. My phone is backing out of stuff and closing it out.

ETA: As one person stated it, rapists also say, "Would you like to go to the movies tonight"?

I also read about the girl who was cussed out at the concert. That was a pretty rough song, from what I could tell (never heard it) and she had been following him around on line and in person trying to expose him as a rapist. Hence the blow up, which was not pretty. *I am not sure about how I feel about that whole situation. Just not good. This is the same group that flew all to hell over blurred lines. Eeeee. Ahhhhh. See above.

Crap! My cell has gone crazy!

**Okay, nm, now I am back to going huh? I'm going to have to read this later. I can't get my phone to work right. She posted some links that also make me say huh? because I look at the song and video for BL as 2 separate animals. It was conceived and done by a woman director who wanted to throw in all the dumb as*ery she could. Do I see this as feminist? No. I see it as silly, which is what she said it was intended to be. Also, some things are misquoted from interviews, and some snark was taken as a serious answer.

Any the way, I am not getting all livid over that song or the 3 different version of the video.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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