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Bad Decisions Don’t Make You Poor. Being Poor Makes for Bad Decisions.
New research shows that worrying about money causes cognitive impairments.

Poverty and cognitive impairment: Study shows money troubles make decision-making difficult. - Slate Magazine

Another great film to watch. Two american families
Pay close attention to the mother who always looks nice, has her nails done, looks professional in spite of struggle
Two American Families | FRONTLINE | PBS

Here's a thought - if our economic system was more just, provided more opportunity to move out of poverty, allowed for a fair shake at the american dream, maybe, people wouldn't have to go through shady measures to get theirs.

OF course it's easier to see the bad behavior of the poor. Bad behavior at the top. That's ok. Or at least our leglslators reward/reprimand in a way that says its ok.

And damn straight I have an agenda. Too many damn people are struggling for reasons beyond their personal control.

For every welfare queen I can counteract with a story of real struggle and need as a food bank employee and someone who lives in a low-income community.

But that's not the point. The point is that the House vote about the farm bill is unprecedented.

the nutrition bill has NEVER been separated from the farm side
the cuts are crazy high
the legislation has always been bi-partisan. It's not even close.

I repeat. This is unprecedented and we should all ask ourselves why this came to be.

I won't even bother to respond to the claim of how much fraud there is. Feelings and anecdotes are not facts.
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Yes, anecdotes can be facts! Who told you they weren't!? They just weren't obtained using the scientific method.

But now ezine articles and statistics pulled from the internet...they are never, ever misleading!