Finally got Neville to the vet to get neutered. Had to wait an hour and a half bc two emergencies came in back to back. Then a loudmouth came in and I ended up missing our turn bc I couldn't hear. I got her hear her entire life story, 3 times. It was packed in there. I nearly got caught in the middle of a dog fight. My nerves are shot.

OMG someone brought in 3 english mastiffs. They were so big had to use a horse trailer to haul them. The male was HUGE! He was a lean 250lbs, at least 3 1/2 feet tall, and I would guess around a 40" neck. He was just wow.

Neville doesn't like dogs. I think he traumatized a pinscher and severely hurt the feelings of a bernese mountain dog. That dog (the bernese) had the finest ninja and anchoring skills that I have ever seen. He kept inching along oh so slowly. Then his owner would notice and try and bring him back. He'd plant that butt firmly on the floor trying to resist going back.