Any old cheap Suave or V05 shampoo. Right now it's Suave Everlasting Sunshine.
Apple cider vinegar (mixed with steeped rosemary and rooibos tea) as a rinse instead of conditioner
Garnier Surf Hair

I plop my hair with cloth baby diapers instead of towels to reduce frizz. I buy flat fold (not pre fold) birdseye cotton diapers and sew 2 together and they are the perfect size for to really wrap my hair, and they are very absorbant (they're diapers afterall). Can't beat the price...I buy a pack of a dozen, sew them together, and end up with 6 hair towels for about $10.

Henna every 2 weeks for color and gray coverage

I just wash the hot spots with a gentle castile bar soap in the shower. I don't need any moisturizers. Never have. I shave just with water.


Skin- cleanser (in the evenings) and generic Hibiclens (anti-microbial for acne)(in the mornings)
vitamin C (homemade) (mornings)
PSF DMAE (evenings)
Retin-A and hydraquinone 4% (both Rx products) (evenings) benzoyl peroxide 2.5% (evenings)
Latisse (generic) on lashes and brows (evenings)

I don't use any moisturizers. Don't need them. I'm still very oily-skinned, even at my post-menopausal age of 51.

Mineral makeup foundation and blush (Meow brand)
Urban Decay matte eye shadows in neutral colors
Maybelline Full and Soft mascara on top lashes - Maybelling Lash Discovery waterproof on bottom lashes
Baby Lips - the plum one

TOOLS -- ultrasonic facial machine. (LOVE this thing.) I used to use a Clarisonic facial brush, but I think the spatula does a better job of cleaning out pores and it doesn't re-introduce bacteria because it doesn't have a dirty uncleanable brush like the Clarisonic.

Sedusa diffuser (not sure it's made's a HUGE bell diffuser that I bought here at

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