When are you going back?
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im going back sometimes in Feb. why are you heading that way?

Consider the material. Is the weather likely to be hot? A rubberized raincoat may be uncomfortable. I can't read any details but sometimes they are made with holes like portholes under the arms for breathability.

If the white raincoat is plasticized or rubberized it will clean easily, otherwise if it is a cloth material it will get filthy so avoid white cloth even though it is nice looking.

Yellow is cheerful in rain. I like the beige (although it may be too boring for you) and the red. Consider the length and make sure there is a hood - I think all of them have it but I can't tell for sure.
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its crazy hot and humid so the lighter the material the better. ill probably buy the yellow and the white ones. yellow has a nice style and its easily seen in a rainstorm. i will use it while im riding my motorbike so it for safety reasons also. i like the white one but it could be hard to clean and its way more expensive than the yellow one. any others on sale at the moment on the web?
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