Come on Spidey, this is about food stamps, so I don't think it's reasonable to say "welfare". I mean, unless we're going to talk about all the other entitlements out there: tax breaks for homeowners, subsidized flood insurance for those homeowners, etc. Why accept section 8 if the people are so fraudulently receiving assistance from the government? Why not seek tenants who can pay with cash they have earned/borrowed from somewhere else instead of passively supporting their cheating? Would/did you accept a tenant that offered to pay you under the table?

The poor are easy targets. To be poor is to be weak and an eff up. People who receive SNAP are easy targets because they're poor who dare to admit it and seek assistance. The House has been threatening to do this for over a year now, I'm not surprised they finally did it. Bad timing for them though, because if the government shuts down 9/30, who is or is not getting food stamps will be the least of their problems.

People seem to have forgotten the 80s and 90s.

Food stamps are not the problem. Wages are the problem.

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