Jeez Louise! 1 & 5 of the 70 some million Baby Boomers have a mental health disorder, and are facing a crisis due to the lack of help. That's just pitiful. I knew there was a great deal, but I didn't expect that many.

I can't imagine how mothers of boys feel. I know/am sure being a mother of a girl has it's own set of problems, and that... *Well, I don't guess it matters because part of the garbage spewed is that women who relate to men should be taken out as well, along with 952 other people until you reach female utopia* It's obvious that fathers have not been happy, and there are so many articles written about the problems in Sweden. There will be a breaking point, and backlash, at some point. In the mean time, it's sad that no one commented.

ETA: From what I can gather they have no problems with equality there. The problem is it has passed equality and went to domination for many. It is becoming revenge. Welcome to humanity, 101.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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