Face- neutrogena naturals daily facial cleanser, yes to tomatoes acne scrub, neutrogena pore refining toner, neutrogena naturals moisturizer. Weekly acid peels alternating salycilic with glycolic/lactic acid peels. Oil cleansing a few days a week with castor/jojoba oil. But I always wash away the rest of the oil and then use toner and moisturizer.

Makeup- everyday minerals IT base (the only one without laural lysine). Alima cosmetics eyeshadows and blushes. Alima lip color, also use some of the burts bees lip glosses and tinted balms. I have some mascara that is natural but it runs with the slightest moisture. Still trying to find a healthy mascara.

Body- california baby hair and body wash or shea moisture baby wash. Shae moisture baby lotions and jojoba oil to moisturize when I remember. Deodorant made from a melted kiss my face natural deodorant stick mixed with coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch. I put it back in the same container and it works like the original stick only better. It didn't work well till I added the other ingredients.
I shave with a Venus razor but just water. Also we have castile soap bars for those extra grimey days and great for cleaning a cut or abrasion.

Hair- tresseme naturals cowash and rinse out. Alba leave in conditioner. And a variety of styling products. I use kinky curly spiral spritz and curling custard which I finally can get consistent results using the two together. I have some LA looks gels and DEP gel because its cheap so use it when im out of other stuff. I like to mix the last layer of gel with coconut oil to help seal everything in. When I rememember I make flaxseed gel which my hair loves but I hate going to the fridge to get my gel in the mornings. I deep condition with whatever conditoner I have and lots of olive oil. I've done one protein treatment with plain gelatin but have to do those sparingly.

If I need to shampoo my hair I use the California baby hair and body wash.