Cowash is usually a cheap conditioner that you can use a lot of and not feel that you are wasting it. The important thing is to really scrub your scalp with finger tips, so that you clean it. You can use a more expensive, natural product if you want.

Rinse out is just that. The one you linked should be fine. The AOIN was always considered CG--they originally called a certain combination of their ingredients a base. It's since relabeling, that everyone is finding out about the denatured alcohol in the product.

A product is anything you want it to be, because the manufacturer can call it whatever they want to call it. For many, the leave in conditioner is lighter then the rinse out. I use products that provide moisture, and therefore curl, as my leave in and curl enhancer.

DT is usually a VERY rich product, that you keep on for a long time, to provide your hair with moisture. It's not a styling product. My hair doesn't need more moisture, so I do use minute amounts of some DTs (when the dewpoints are REALLY low) as my leave in.

So, you might use four conditioners in one day, but they wouldn't all stay on your hair at the same time. HTH.
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