I have read & re-read all of the newbie section & am now feeling more confused. Not sure where to start so I will dive right in. Sorry if this is rambly.

I am supposed to have 4 conditioners: cowash, rinse out, leave in, & deep treatment? Is there some products that can do double duty? Which "duties" are better to combine, if any?

My hair can get greasy looking pretty fast, but it feels dry. I am afraid with 4 conditioners I will look too greasy. How best do you strike a balance?

I just got this, what would be the best use? Rinse out?
Hugo & Debra Naturals : products : single-product : Smoothing & Defining Conditioner - Coconut

What do I look for in a cowash? What should I avoid? I see many of you like vo5, but I am really trying to move toward more natural products.

The rinse out seems like a straightforward idea. Would the Hugo product be good for that? That was my plan, but stop me if I am way off.

When it comes to a leave in, I am at a total loss. I am afraid that a leave in plus styling product will leave me looking greasy & weighed down. In the past, styling products alone have done that to me. Hit me with your best tips & ideas.

The Hugo conditioner is to replace this. I hated the way it made my hair feel and not CG friendly. I am going to use it as shaving cream, but could I use it as a deep conditioner as well? I don't plan to repurchase. What should I look for, ingredient wise, in a deep treatment & how often should I do it? Island Naturals Replenishing Conditioner 11oz

If you made it to the end, thank you. I appreciate all of your tips and help!
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I can't answer all your questions, but I can answer some. You don't have to have four conditioners Personally, I have 2. I use one for everything, and I use one for a deep treatment or the rinse out if my hair is feeling dry or if I feel like it needs it.
My one I use for everything is Suave Naturals. I don't use the coconut scent because I can't use it as a leave it. Protein overload. My deep treatment and rinse out when I need it is Tresemme Naturals Radiant Volume. I know you said you wanted to go natural, but I'm not sure how natural you want to go. I find the suave naturals is very light and doesn't weight down my hair (very easy to do).

My general routine is to cowash with the suave naturals mixed with a couple drops of tea tree oil, condition with either suave naturals or tresemme naturals (with coconut oil on some days), if I'm shaving I'll put a shower cap on to let the heat help it penetrate, do my shower thing, rinse out the conditioners. After that I rake my leave in through and then rake in a gel (I use Aussie Instant Freeze. Excellent gel and it doesn't weigh me down). I then use the super soaker method to promote clumps. Then I plop and air dry.

If it's CG approved, you can use it for anything. You could have one conditioner for all 4 things you can do with it! If that Hugo one is what works for you, go for it! I tend to use a TON of conditioner for my cowash so I prefer the cheap stuff so I don't feel guilty about using a bunch.

To start, use very little leave in and styling product. Only a little shouldn't leave you greasy and you can always add more if you need it. It's all about finding that balance.

Here's one thing I found early on: Don't use a super rich conditioner for your leave in. That made me overconditioned in just a couple uses. I had to switch to something lighter.