I think the reason people are bitter about welfare and assistance is because so many of us know at least a few people/families who are milking the system. Mom and/or Dad won't work, never intend to work, have as many kids as they want, always drive new cars, have huge tvs in every room, buy every new iThing that comes out, run their kids to specialists every time they get a cough, and eat just fine and don't even have sense enough to lie or keep quiet about it. They gloat.

They have more kids than we can afford, see doctors for free when our (expensive) insurance won't pay. We keep the old phone, skip the new game systems for our kids, budget for groceries and drive our old cars into the ground because we have to LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS.

Them most of us have a friend or sister or cousin whose husband died or left, she works full time and then some raising three kids and making it work somehow because she makes $12 too much for assistance and we see that neighbor who brags about another new massive tv and we think - there is something very wrong with this system.

It FEELS like there's a direct coloration between the people we know who NEED HELP and can't get it and the people who DO NOT but are sucking the system dry. We hear there have been cuts and part of us thinks fine, start with those lazy people we know who won't work and maybe there will be more for the mom of three working two jobs. Of course, it does not work like that. The people who are going to game the system will always get theirs, and the people who won't lie to get help will always suffer.

These cuts are bad news, the system is broken. The cuts are not going to fix it at all, there will just be more hungry kids.