Thanks, Korkscrew. You actually replied the first time I went to this stylist. I listened to your advice and was very specific about what I wanted. I LOVED the shape, but only had her cut 1/2 an inch at that point because I was nervous a new stylist may butcher it. This time I trusted her more and provided less guidance. I simply said I wanted to trim an inch off. I requested a dry cut because she did such a great job last time. I should have specified that I wanted an inch off of the same cut I already had. Instead, she got creative and added more layers. I have so much less hair! It feels weird. In any case, I feel better after spending some time experimenting with bobby pins. I'll definitely be pulling back the part that's too short. I can't wear it in a pony tail because it looks really weird, but going to experiment with updos tomorrow. I have a hard time with them bc my scalp is so sensitive...=headaches. thanks for the blog. I will never go to a stylist again and not be super anal about explaining what I want. Trust is simply not an option! Just caught me off guard because I was able to trust my old stylist of 8 years (she moved). Thanks, again!