We all have shedding and dryness issues at some point.

The only thing I can tell ya is keep hydrating it. Wet it often and be sure to seal in that moisture with the oil of your choice. Personally I can only use clear products on my low porosity hair because creamy products just sit on top doing nothing. I use curl activator for moisture and EcoStyler for curl definition. You'd be amazed how good of a moisturizer activator is!

Be sure to deep condition often. I'd shoot for once a week. You can use whatever works. Leave it on overnight when you can. I've been skipping this and my hair is notably dryer. Plus it's about to be cooler weather which is time to up the moisture! You don't have to break the bank. Just use what works for you.

Also make sure you're eating right, and drinking plenty of water. A good multivitamin wouldn't be a bad idea either. Healthy hair starts before it actually grows out of you. Once you're taking care of it inside and out you'll see a big difference!!

Also, not everyone's hair grows at the same rate, so patience is key. Don't set milestones for yourself by another curly's hair. My hair has been loose for over 2 years now. I know some curly girls have hair well past armpit length by this time. Mine is nearly there stretched, but it's so curly it just looks like a very short bob. I get hair envy like everyone else. But I know it will grow. That's what hair does.

Hang in there. It'll be worth it in the end.


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