OK, I think I have a basic idea of where to go next. First, here's what I have so far in terms of what's happened:

Your hair is currently "less mushy" than it was before and doesn't feel as dry. It's still somewhat frizzy and stringy again, as it was before clarifying. The ACV rinse seemed to make little to no difference, possibly made it worse (although the shininess could be from the ACV). It seems your build-up is basically removed right now. So now you just sound over-conditioned IMO.

Since your hair likes protein, you've been having high humidity/dew points because of the rain, and because you have loss of curl definition, my bet is that now you should go ahead and use an actual protein treatment like Aphogee Reconstructor, or Joico K-pak Reconstructor. I think you'll find that helpful and it's something that's really handy to have around, as this over-conditioning issue could happen again in the future. Follow that up with a light conditioner. I'd stop doing DCs for a while.

Since products with epsom salts don't seem to bother you, you might go ahead and use conditioner that contains salts, off and on (obviously something w/out cones, polyquats, etc.). Epsom salts could help you with curl retention in muggy weather. ... Or you could use a Yes To conditioner (like cucumber or carrot), which contains dead sea salt, and, again, the salt can help w/curl retention. Gotta be careful though because most Yes To condish.s have cetyl esters, which can build up. But you probably could afford to chelate shampoo every now and then anyway, since you have the water issue and are sensitive to various types of buildup, it seems. Occasional chelating should take care of any cetyl ester buildup too.

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