Thanks, Korkscrew. You actually replied the first time I went to this stylist. I listened to your advice and was very specific about what I wanted. I LOVED the shape, but only had her cut 1/2 an inch at that point because I was nervous a new stylist may butcher it. This time I trusted her more and provided less guidance. I simply said I wanted to trim an inch off. I requested a dry cut because she did such a great job last time. I should have specified that I wanted an inch off of the same cut I already had. Instead, she got creative and added more layers. I have so much less hair! It feels weird. In any case, I feel better after spending some time experimenting with bobby pins. I'll definitely be pulling back the part that's too short. I can't wear it in a pony tail because it looks really weird, but going to experiment with updos tomorrow. I have a hard time with them bc my scalp is so sensitive...=headaches. thanks for the blog. I will never go to a stylist again and not be super anal about explaining what I want. Trust is simply not an option! Just caught me off guard because I was able to trust my old stylist of 8 years (she moved). Thanks, again!
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Oh, sorry I didn't connect the dots to realize you were the same person! I tend to kind of suck at remembering usernames w/out some sort of icon that gives me a visual reminder LOL My bad. ... I'm relieved to hear your experimentation with bobby pins is making you feel better. I hope you're giving yourself a break when it comes to the stylist taking things in a new direction. It actually sounds like you BOTH meant well.

Sometimes stylists see so many clients that it's hard to recall exactly what each returning customer's tastes are (especially new ones). BUT each time someone sits in her chair, a stylist should ask for clarification on what her client wants. Tastes change. Memory is faulty. What's cool is you now know exactly what you need to do next time. I bet you won't ever again forget to be specific. You know to volunteer what you want each time you sit down for a cut. Maybe that's the gift at the core of this disaster. (If so, I can certainly relate.)

Call it paranoia, but I've been seeing the same stylist for a while now and yet I still bring in pictures of what I want each time and talk inches. We're all in this thing together, sister

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