No worries! I didn't mean to say you should remember me-was more saying I appreciate you again providing advice and encouragement. You're right about memory! My old stylist was recommended to me by a mutual friend so she always remembered me. I *thought* this new stylist remembered me, but when she asked (during the cut) if my last cut was 3 months ago, I realized she had no recollection of our first encounter. Yes, this was a learning experience. I suppose I feel embarrassed to be so specific with my set in my ways. You're right though- it's my hair and next time I will be very specific again. My old stylist wrote to me and recommended someone for me (and my sister who also went to her for 8 years), so I'm looking forward to trying someone new in a few months when this grows out...or in a month just to even it out.
Thank you, again, for your advice. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.