Come on Spidey, this is about food stamps, so I don't think it's reasonable to say "welfare". I mean, unless we're going to talk about all the other entitlements out there: tax breaks for homeowners, subsidized flood insurance for those homeowners, etc.
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I'm talking about the MEANS TESTED PUBLIC ASSISTANCE programs that relate to the population who receive food stamps. Flood insurance, etc., isn't germane to this particular topic.

Why accept section 8 if the people are so fraudulently receiving assistance from the government?
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I know there is a huge need among ppl/families who honestly and legitmately qualify for these services and I want to help them. I want children to grow up in the nicest, safest homes they can.

Why not seek tenants who can pay with cash they have earned/borrowed from somewhere else instead of passively supporting their cheating?
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When I see a glaring, unmistakable offense, I report it. I won't knowingly support cheating. But I contract w/ the housing agency, not the tenant. I'm not their babysitter. I just own and maintain the properties.

But yes, I have private pay tenants, too.

Would/did you accept a tenant that offered to pay you under the table?
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Never. (And have lost a lot of money by refusing to accept it.)

The poor are easy targets. To be poor is to be weak and an eff up.
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I don't think the majority of Americans feel this way. Most of us agree that there is a need for these programs...but utilized the right way. (Most of us are but a paycheck or two away from the same situation so who are we to judge?)

Food stamps are not the problem. Wages are the problem.
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True. But a separate problem is the fraud and abuse that plague the welfare system...which admittedly probably won't be improved w/ this legislation.

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