I just found this thread using the search method.
I am all in favor of a curly grey thread, section or whatever it is called.
I have a hard time getting any answers to my questions and everyone just says look at the sig lines and see who has the same hair properties and what they are using.

That DOESN'T WORK. By doing that, I have to see if they color their hair or if it is natural. And when you google natural, it has NOTHING to do with Natural Virgin Hair!!!!! Very Frustrating!!!

Some people that don't color their hair, don't use some products that other curlies do. For example, acv (apple cider vinegar), I only use white vinegar as acv has been reported to stain gray hair. We have to use special measures or make our own products because we can't use "purple shampoos and conditioners". Most are full of sulfate and silicones. Some grays won't use heat appliances as they can yellow the gray, which has to eventually be CUT off. I tend to stay away from diffusers and my hard hat dryer. Our properties are not a one size fits all, just as it is not for all the other curlies.
I have spent hours and hours on naturallycurly googling everything about gray hair and curls. I have gotten SO frustrated, I won't come back for months at a time.

I currently belong to many sites: the Silver Sisters Cafe Grey (very few of them know anything about naturally curly hair and products, British Curlies (there is no category I fit into), The Long Hair Community (a few threads on people giving up the dye and growing hair long, a curly thread but no gray and curly thread, atleast I haven't found one yet), and the fb wavy community (I'm not entirely thrilled with that site either).

Seems at this point that people who let their natural "grey" grow in are being discriminated against. It is not the norm and we know that.

At this point I will just keep googling and figure out what curly gray people should do for their hair.

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