I can't count how many times I've been told to "make an effort" or called lazy for "obviously not even brushing (my) hair in the morning"... I used to get bullied as a kid, and one of the things my bullies would zero in on would be my hair. I got called "troll" a lot, and got to hear absolutely delightful remarks about how my family wasn't just poor, we were stupid and dirty as we let a moptop kid like me run around.

I think the one that's gotten to me most has been being told off for looking "unprofessional" by an employer. I teach, and getting put down for "not setting a good example for the students" was a bit much - I wear neat clothes, light make up, and otherwise turn myself out exactly like my colleagues... but my hair isn't straight, and sometimes goes crazy from rainy weather. Respectability politics in education can be ridiculous.