Hi, i think my hair type is 3b, i dont quite remember when was the last time i relaxed my hair, but i know it has been over 6mo. Is so hard, the worst part is not dealing with my hair but dealing with the critics. Im from dominican republic and if ur hair is not straight u dont look good. I know at the end i will have beautiful long hair, but now is not. The problem is i tried to chop it all, but after she made 3 cuts on the back i told her to stop, i had a nice hair cut but for straight hair. I stoped going to the salon cuz i dint want to mess up my curls using the flat iron all the time. I cannot do my hair n a nice pony tale cuz the bottom of my hair still to short. But im trying to work it out. I dont want to use flat irons, but i still cannot wear it curly cuz i still have relaxed ends that it wont curl at all. I am waiting a couple of month to finally chop it all. Im inllove with my curls, so i cant wait to have long nice hair again like when i was a little girl. What i need is advise on how to deal with the critics, my brother didnt took me to my niece birthday party cuz i didnt want to get my hair straight. Do u get the picture?