Yeah, I'd avoid any more BKT and make flat-ironing either a thing of the past, or rarely do it. If you really want to embrace your natural curls, best to be into it 100% so you'll have the best curls possible as your hair grows out.

Eons ago I used chemical relaxers. When I gave that up, I recall the transition being VERY uneventful. Probably because the relaxers never completely straightened my curls anyway ... So really I just went from wavy to curly. It was actually easier to deal with curly cause I could just let it do its own thing.

Everyone's growth rate is so different. There are pros and cons to slow and fast rates of growth. Mine grows freakishly fast, annoyingly so. I end up paying extra for upkeep of cuts, and blow through lots of product each year. Expensive But if I get a BAD cut, it grows out fast. That's the upshot. But slower growing hair means you can hang out with one style and really have time to enjoy it! You spend less $$ on product too. But if you get a bad cut, you have to be patient about growing it out.

If your hair takes a while to get longer, that should leave you with plenty of time to fuss around and learn what does and doesn't work for your hair, so that by the time it's long it's looking really healthy and wonderful

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