Spiderlashes theres no winter in VN its always hot as for the cheap 2$ rain ponchos they are quite flimsy. im pretty sure theyre made of saranwrap because they rip easily. use once and discard like a condom. i forgot to add ill be wearing it while riding my motorbike so no hood is necessary since im wearing a helmet.

welp i checked the jackets above online and the prices range from 150$ - 350$. i had some time today before work so i hopped into TJ Maxx and saw this. its a mens Pearl Izumi bike riding jacket. it was the only one there and fit me perfectly(ofcourse the arms were 3 in too long ) but best of all it was 60$! online they range between 125-250$. too bad they didnt have another color. i still want to get the yellow raincoat but havent found a site that would sell it for less than 200$.
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