I guess I don't understand: why are means-tested programs always the ones singled-out as susceptible to fraud? Means-tested programs are not the only burdens on taxpayers.
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No one is saying that here. We're responding to this particular HB.

Wasn't there a big outcry during Enron and after the bank bailout when we discovered the salaries and bonuses of the CEOs? Aren't there always watchdog reports and exposes identifying all kinds of frivolous gov't spending? Locally, politicians are always getting busted for charging family vacations and home remodeling etc to their gov't expense accounts.

The thing w/ fraud is, ppl don't care about it unless the funds came out of their own pockets...hence we see the big reactions to gov't programs. But there is all kinds of fraud in the private sector...which really pisses off the trustees and shareholders, but few others.