I believe I have something close to 4b hair but I'm not totally sure so forgive me of my suggestions suck!

I did the BC last month and so far the combination that BEST brings out my curls is water, shea moisture raw Shea butter leave in, a little bit of oil OR a homemade shea butter mixture and the homemade flaxseed gel.

I've done several different combinations with the last product being some type of curl definer. Shea moisture products are good and moisturize really well but they don't define my curls as good as the flaxseed gel does. So far I've tried the Shea moisture curling gel soufflé, curl enhancing smoothie, Eden pudding soufflé, some twisted sister curl definer, and they're all okay, but haven't gotten excellent results as far as individual curl definition.

I'm still on the hunt myself for an awesome curl definer other than the homemade gel.